5 Sad TikTok Songs that You Don’t Know the Name of

Ummon Xiyonat

Ummon Xinoyat is the most commonly used background music for ‘Shayari’ on TikTok. Well, yeah, it was this song I had been searching for ages but couldn’t find. Even my Shazam couldn’t recommend that background music to me. Anyway, if you’re feeling lost and want to know the name of the background song used in ‘Shayari’, it’s Ummon Xiyonat. Also, don’t forget to listen to the slowed-down version. Ummon Xiyonat is sometimes referred to as Ummon Hiyonat.

La Vie Ne Mentt Pas

This music is also called the Joker sad song. On YouTube, the song is listed as a tribute to Heath Ledger. However, the original name of the music is ‘La vie Ne Mentt Pas’. The music has a unique sound and carries a melancholic tone. It is one of the very popular songs on TikTok and is commonly used as sad background music in videos. It is also used to convey sympathy, as well as for poetic expressions and other sad videos. This is the song that you cannot remember but have always wanted to know the name of.

Serhat Durmus – La Calin

This song is also known as ‘Obiymy.’ Serhat Durmus’ ‘La Calin’ is one of those sad songs that carry hidden motivation. It’s as if there’s something missing in life, but you’re finally finding your way onto the right path. When used as background music for poetic expressions, or ‘Shayari’ in Hindi, this song sounds incredibly beautiful and captivating. Even when I’m not actively listening to it, my mind keeps playing it, and I’ve always wanted to know its name.

Afara E Frig

This music is particularly famous in India. In fact, the song ‘Afrara e frig’ is an Arabic song that has become a TikTok trend. This song carries a similar vibe to ‘Ummon Xiyonat,’ ‘La vie Ne Mentt Pas,’ and ‘Serhat Durmus La Calin,’ but ‘Afara E Frig’ is more intense and has a deep emotional impact on the listener. The remarkable thing about this song is that even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can still grasp the emotion it evokes.

Serhat Durmus – Yalan

This was the final popular song that I had been searching for. It’s astonishing how catchy and beautiful this song truly is. I would go to great lengths for this music—the tone, the tune, the rhythm, the voice of the girl, the mood—everything I desire in a song. Serhat Durmus’ ‘Yalan’ is a masterpiece. If you have a video where you’re speaking and you use this music as the background, your video will become epic. I know not many people are writing about this because they simply cannot feel and understand the melody of the song. This song is timeless and will endure until the end of time. The hidden message in this song is that everyone and everything is alone in this universe, and we must learn to navigate life’s sufferings in solitude.

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