Davit Barqaia’s ‘My Time’: A Timeless Musical Treasure

How could I ever miss this song? It’s the kind that compels me to halt my pursuits just to listen to its captivating melody. This song could be the only one that surpasses Jay Aliyev’s track. You might wonder why I talk about Jay Aliyev most of the time, but my 30 years of musical taste have led me to the resolute conclusion that Jay Aliyev’s songs are the best in 2023. Nevertheless, “Davit Barqaia – My Time” is an absolute masterpiece.

It does everything to make my pain go away. The song is a reminiscence of lost love, a love that I once had but could never fully experience. Davit Barqaia’s song is so good that as soon as I heard it, I felt compelled to write about it. I know, I know there are no others who can capture the essence of music quite like me. That tune, the music that starts at 1:31, I know it’s perfect. I know this moment should never end. I know I am enveloped in the eargasm of this soothing music.

In the echoes of love and the memories of my past, I often find myself whispering, ‘My time.’ This track is an absolute must-listen; to overlook it would be to miss out on the essence of life itself. The mesmerizing melody resurfaces once more at 3:03, captivating me anew. Its unparalleled beauty surpasses all else, bringing my dreams to vivid reality. United as one, my dreams and I become intertwined. This song holds such an immense place in my heart; I am filled with boundless adoration for it.

There are people in our lives who can never understand music. They listen to what their soul does not desire. But there is music like this, where I forget everything. It transcends the spiritual realm. I am afraid this music is everything, and at times, I fear I would abandon everything just to catch a glimpse of this song.

At 6:24, the high surpasses any drug. The artist has conveyed such mind-blowing softness. I feel as though I have reached the pinnacle of ecstasy. Let me reiterate 6:24 is the epitome. This is truly exceptional; words are insufficient to describe its greatness. It takes me on a profound journey into my own spiritual realm.

This music is pure artistry, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to Davit Barqaia for creating such a masterpiece. The frequencies in this composition deeply resonate with my soul, reawakening long-lost parts of myself. I no longer require lyrics to find meaning; instead, I immerse myself in the enchanting rhythm. Let me continue to fall in love with this song, surrendering blissfully to its eternal pleasure.

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Awan K S
Awan K S
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