How Schiller’s Dream of You changed my life.

Yet, it is true, and people do not believe me when I tell them that Schiller’s “Dream of You” has changed my life. If you were to ask how, I would reply, “In the same way that art changes us.”

I rarely listen to artists who don’t vibe with me, but very few artists, like Schiller, resonate with my soul. “Dream of You” made me realize that I, too, have emotions. I am also capable of feeling and capable of love. This song is more than beautiful.

What is life, after all? Life is the sum of memories. Schiller revives all those hidden memories. It is true that there are artists out there like Jay Aliyev and Cavid Askerov, but those songs evoke a different feeling. Just like there are different kinds of beauty, there exists a different kind of effect within the music. Schiller’s “Dream of You” surely hits on a different level. The most beautiful part is the lady’s voice at the start, and it keeps repeating throughout the music.

The thing is, I am not here to talk about the artists. I don’t care about the name; what I care about is the essence. The essence is important—it’s what is unique in songs, something that we cannot see but only feel through music.

Schiller’s ‘Dream of You’ is a song that could exist forever as a masterpiece. It captures the essence of sadness and nostalgia. It is one of those songs that unveils teenage memories, reminding us of the beauty and unforgettable nature of dreams, especially those involving our loved ones. I have always wondered how a song can evoke such old and hidden memories.

I read somewhere that Schiller is a German electronic artist; however, the music video for the song “Dream of You” is spectacular. It has a cinematic quality to it. If you pause the video at 1:12, you can see a train passing by from behind while the artist smokes a cigarette. It creates such a beautiful scenario. Life is all about how you present yourself and your etiquette. It’s reminiscent of the movie “The Great Beauty,” which once won an Oscar. The representation in the video is epic and marvelous.

The song has such soothing music filled with haunting screams. It will stay forever in my playlist. As for changing my life, it has transformed how I perceive music and altered my taste. When I change my perspective, it influences the way I view my life. Songs of such importance and profound emotions it has changed my life by making me feel more alive. Suddenly, I started to experience emotions and engage in the things I love. Furthermore, these changes exist both metaphorically and in a tangible way.

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Awan K S
Awan K S
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