Jay Aliyev – Where We Started

It’s midnight, and I am listening to Jay Aliyev’s ‘Where We Started.’ Life is filled with struggles, and though I’ve been practicing the manifestation principles of Neville Goddard, something feels amiss. However, I won’t let myself succumb to desperation. Jay Aliyev’s song, ‘Where We Started,’ is, in fact, a masterpiece.

I still remember my teenage days when I was searching for a gothic tune in my music. The voice of a girl singing in the background had a unique impact. Jay Aliyev has mastered his music; he knows exactly what to do.

The song is so beautiful that, even though I am tired and unable to move, I am writing about it. It ignites the passion inside me, serving as the fuel that propels me forward. In this lost era, there are artists like him who bring heaven to us, thanks to the creator. It carries a vibe similar to another song of his called ‘Cry,’ but this particular song is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life.

And I genuinely cry when I listen to this tune. Jay’s song is even more beautiful than Pink Floyd’s. I’ve always yearned to write about this song, like an ode to a long-lost love. This masterpiece deserves to be heard by a wider audience. It represents a new kind of poetry.

Yet, there are things in life that go unheard of, and there are things that, if people were to witness, would mesmerize them. Jay Aliyev’s song is one of a kind; once you hear it, you’ll truly realize its greatness.

It gives off a chill vibe, imagining oneself relaxing on the beach in the evening, yearning for a sip of coffee or a kiss from a loved one. There is nothing more beautiful than this moment. The song is truly awesome, and Jay Aliyev, the artist, is undeniably remarkable. No other artist comes close in comparison.

Well, another song that has the same vibe as this one is ‘Everything You Need’ by Jay Aliyev. You will not get disappointed.

Know more about Jay Aliyev here.

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Awan K S
Awan K S
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