Metal Music Could Be Dying

Exploring the Decline of Metal Music

Okay, to tell you the truth, I come from a timeline where metal music was famous. There was this vibe in the air where everyone was into heavy music. Rap and hip-hop used to be second. It was in the era of the 90s. It couldn’t have been just my group of friends because everywhere I went, I would hear metal and rock. The time was when Metallica was still new, and the feud between Megadeth and Metallica was in the air. I still remember the thrash metal band Sepultura being more famous than Metallica. “Chaos AD” was a trend back then.

As we find ourselves in 2023, a sudden realization dawns upon me – metal music is no longer a part of the soundscape. The once-thriving era and trend of the 90s have vanished into the past, leaving behind an absence of the music’s essence that once resonated so deeply. Even as time has advanced, the soulful melodies of yesteryears seem lost to us now.

Remembering the impact of rock bands like Audioslave and Linkin Park, who once set the popular trends in the 2000s, fills me with nostalgia, but their disappearance following the tragic loss of their vocalists adds to the sense of longing. It genuinely feels like we have embarked on an entirely new world, one that lacks the familiar melodies and beats that once defined our musical experiences.

In the past, what made those times even more special was the unique value each artist held. We would eagerly purchase cassettes and relish reading the lyrics printed on the back of the covers. The sheer joy of lying on the bed, immersing oneself in the music of beloved artists, was an experience to cherish. It’s a charm I find myself yearning for in this digital age, where everything revolves around the cold glow of screens.

Furthermore, the underground scene seems to have lost its presence and popularity, unlike in the olden days. Bands like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and other black metal bands have seen a decline in listeners. It feels as though there has been a significant shift in musical preferences across mankind. We are gravitating towards softer and more heartwarming music.

When I compare my current playlist to the past, it’s evident that it has undergone a complete transformation. My choice of music is entirely different now, indicating that I might be growing older or experiencing a new mental state. I vividly recall a time when I was deeply immersed in rock and metal music, and my life seemed filled with aggression.

Today, in a generation where people seek instant gratification and immediate pleasure, another kind of music seems to prevail. It reminds me of the movie Trainspotting, where the protagonist realizes that music is evolving alongside recreational substances.

I have a strong feeling that even the act of reading itself will undergo significant changes in the future. The words and letters we know today may not exist in the next 500 years. The pace of these changes is remarkably swift, similar to the transitions from VCR to DVD to Pen drives. Just as technology transformed rapidly, music has also experienced a fast-paced evolution.

So, is metal dead? Personally, I haven’t listened to any metal songs for years. The truth is, even if I were to hear them now, I could not recapture the same pleasure I felt back in the 90s. A quick glance at my playlist confirms that metal music seems to be fading away. While there might still be a few individuals who continue to enjoy heavy music, the overall number of listeners has significantly dwindled.

In conclusion, it appears that the popularity of metal music has diminished over time. As I reflect on my own experiences and observe the current trends in movies and music, it’s evident that the once-thriving metal genre seems to have lost its prominence. The era of the ’emo generation’ from 2000 to 2009 brought with it a strong affinity for hard music, but it seems to have waned as we’ve entered a new musical landscape.

Even I am surprised at the transformation in my own music preferences, shifting from a devoted metal fan to embracing the sounds of deep house music. While there may still be a few steadfast metal enthusiasts, the overall listener base appears to have significantly dwindled. As times change, so does the musical landscape, and it’s fascinating to witness the evolution of musical tastes over the years.

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