Russian Song ‘Otklyuchayu telefon’ Vibing on TikTok

After conducting some research, I came across a popular Russian song that is currently trending on TikTok. Allow me to share the lyrics with you.

“pomnyu imena, litsa, nomera
YA pomnyu tol’ko pin-kod VISA, Master Card (Master Card)
Pokhodka ot bedra, eto ya idu v magaz (eto ya)
Gucci konsul’tant menya uznayet po glazam”

The song is by INSTASAMKA, and its Russian title is spelled as ‘Otklyuchayu telefon,’ which translates to ‘I turn off my phone.’ On TikTok, the song is condensed to approximately 10 seconds, featuring a segment taken from the original song’s 1-minute and 31-second duration. To listen to the full song, simply search for ‘INSTASAMKA – Отключаю телефон (Slowed, prod. realmoneyken)’ on YouTube.

Now, this song is trending on TikTok. Many users utilize this song to showcase contrasting aspects of their lives. For instance, they might depict the difference between how they look with makeup versus their appearance at 3 am, or how they are perceived when they’re single versus when they’re in a relationship.

The melody and tune of this Russian song are so catchy that even if you don’t know the lyrics, you’ll find yourself knowing it by heart. Its infectious tune has even made its way to the ‘For You’ page on TikTok. The part of the song featured on TikTok translates as follows:

“I don’t remember names, faces, numbers
I only remember the VISA pin, Master Card (Master Card)
Hip gait, that’s me going to the store (that’s me)
Gucci consultant recognizes me by my eyes
My look speaks for me (hey)
I’ll spend it all and then I’ll repeat
My husband will destroy for me (everything)
Oh-oh-he’s so cool, he got me no-limit (no-limit)”

Moreover, this song is truly remarkable, belonging to the category of modern era music. As the world undergoes continuous transformation, so does the realm of music. Such songs evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of movies like ‘Trainspotting,’ where the protagonist becomes aware of the unfolding changes.

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