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It’s a delightful experience to encounter a new song every day, sparking a sudden curiosity to uncover its name. Lately, I’ve immersed myself in discovering numerous new songs, diligently researching their titles. There’s a wholesome joy in identifying a song and relishing it through careful analysis. I am focusing on the top trending songs used on TikTok, aiming to identify their names and share the experiences I felt while listening to them.

Tom Odell – Another Love

It’s one of the songs that evoke a feeling of melancholy, a vibe that is popular today. Most often, I come across the slowed and reverb version of this song in videos where users relate it to their environment. Although the song ‘Another Love’ by Tom Odell is about love, it conveys a sense of love’s deprivation.

The song ‘Another Love’ narrates the story of a man who has been in multiple relationships, yet he couldn’t find that one person with whom he could spend his whole life because all his love has been used up, and all his tears have been shed.

The song gives a feeling that indeed you have to live with the pain. Now, when only memories remain, you would drift away from reality and reminisce about what has happened in the past.

Dance With the Devil

This song by Immortal Technique is once again finding its space in the modern era. It’s all about how beautiful this song sounds in a slowed and reverb version. The background beat of the song is so catchy that you could listen to it forever.

Somehow, the song ‘Dance with the Devil’ by Immortal Technique reminds me of a Bollywood song, ‘Akele Hum Akele Tum.’

‘Dance with the Devil’ is a sad song. Most people might not have read the lyrics. It shows how a human heart can stray toward the path of the devil when society values a person who does bad deeds. When one is born in such a bad environment, the surroundings shape the person.

There is a sad feeling to the song, and whenever you hear a glimpse of it, it feels like you are hypnotized. ‘Dance with the Devil’ is such a song that can remain popular in the coming generations as well.

David Kushner Daylight. 

David Kushner’s ‘Daylight’ is also a sad song, but it resonates on a different level. It’s a kind of romantic sad song that feels modern, providing a renewed experience.

What I really love about the song is that it creates a feeling of climax when the singer says, ‘Oh, I love it and I hate it at the same time,’ accompanied by the long pitch in his voice.

There is a sense of love when the artist sings the chorus. The song is also perfect for a meme where a user anticipates an upcoming event.

Untitled 13

There are lots of videos on social media platforms that feature the song ‘Untitled 13.’ The song has a distinctive style and evokes a mysterious feeling.

It feels like a heroic entry, the sense of being ‘the one,’ with a unique strength emanating just from listening to the song.

‘Untitled 13’ is one of the most heard songs and might not be known by many. I was amazed when I listened to this song for the first time.

Family Affair by Mary J Blige

It’s an uplifting song. ‘Family Affair’ by Mary J Blige is a kind of happy song that gives you a cool vibe. I see lots of videos where users want to showcase their attire by playing this song in the background. With a little bit of a gangsta vibe, this song is more than good.

Also, there are a lot of videos that feature party scenes. This song is for those who want to flex. Although old, the song ‘Family Affair’ is still trending today.

Stranger To Your Love – Ilan Bluestone.

Well, this song was in a short video. ‘Stranger To Your Love’ had a trance beat, and the song was perfect to depict modern living in today’s world. It’s a dance track with awesome vocals, and its rhythmic beat is where the catch lies.

Sahara by Hensonn 

Sahara by Hensonn is another track that has become massive. Mostly used in meme videos, the song makes the listener await the final part. ‘Sahara’ by Hensonn is commonly used in Sigma music.

The tempo of the song is perfect and gives you energy when you listen to it; its repeated beat is mostly famous in Sigma culture.

Rnbstylerz – Like Wooh Wooh

Well, it was this song I had been searching for months. It’s one of the best dance tracks that you will hear. In a sea of new songs, it is really hard to find that one perfect song. I first listened to this song on TikTok and was mind-blown by how good it was upon the first listen.

There is a dance element, and a techno vibe, and it sounds like a party song. The rhythm is perfect. The song sounds thoroughly modern and could serve as the background music for one of life’s epic comebacks.

Same Beef by Siddhu Moose Wala

It’s an Indian song that has a gangsta vibe. The song is all about having freedom in life and exploring one’s life to the fullest. This song was featured in one of the gangster’s videos, where the slowed and reverb version had the best remix.

If you really want to feel more of this song, then the slowed version has a more gangsta-like vibe. Apart from everything, this song is a work of art. Sidhu Moose Wala has given his everything to create this masterpiece.

Intro of Weeknd ‘After Hours’

This song was everywhere, and the first time I was searching for it, I was looking for ‘Gigi Hadid phone call.’ Well, this song was none other than the famous song ‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd.

The intro of the song is mesmerizing; it keeps me wanting to listen and finally unfold the unsaid moments. The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ could be the most trending song.

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