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Greatest Trance Songs Ever - Top 11 Classics

Trance music, with its hypnotic beats and euphoric melodies, has the power to transport listeners to otherworldly realms. Yet, in the vast ocean of electronic music, the true gems often remain hidden, waiting to be discovered like stars in the night sky. In this sonic journey, we’ll explore the transcendental world of trance and unveil a curated list of the finest trance songs of our time, where each track is a shining testament to the artistry and talent of the hidden luminaries of this genre.

Lost Tribe – Gamemaster

This song carries nostalgia; it reminds me of my youth. My first encounter with this song was in the movie ‘It’s All Gone Pete Tong.’ ‘Lost Tribe – Gamemaster’ can be called a classic; its intro beat is one of the most aesthetically pleasing sounds in trance history. Another great remix of the track ‘Gamemaster’ is the ‘Michael Woods Remix.

The original version of this song was released in 1996 by Matt Darey, also known as Lost Tribe. It is very rare to hear an intro like ‘Gamemaster’ in other tracks. Tiesto and Astrix are the only artists I can remember who come close to this legendary song. One of the mind-blowing effects in this song is the sudden voice that plays as the trance beat stops, saying ‘Embracing the goddess energy within yourselves.

After the end of the intro at 1:30, the song pauses and carries a very mysterious tune at 1:44. This is the song I believe Cavid Askerov was inspired by. The takeover of the lone melody from 3:24 to 4:35 is one of the best pieces of music in the trance scene. This part has even inspired the later melody in Astrix’s ‘Poison.’ Lost Tribe – Gamemaster’ is an old track that has stood the test of time. Even today, it continues to resonate with listeners, including myself.

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Armin van Buuren’s universal religion mix)

“As the Rush Comes” is a great electronic music track that falls within the trance genre. Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religion Remix is one of the versions you should listen to. If you are a trance enthusiast, then you should definitely give this song a try. The song speaks about the flow of time, and there is no option but to drift deeper. The metaphor of drifting deeper into the music world is presented here. The intro is solid, and the song carries an epic trance vibe. There is no mundane, repetitive rhythm, but rather an unfolding of the music that touches your heart.

Above & Beyond (OceanLab) – Sirens Of The Sea

This song was recommended to me by someone on a trance forum. After listening to ‘Sirens of the Sea,’ it’s clear that the song revolves around the voice of a woman. The song sounds pure and relaxing, and the background music certainly adds the best instrumental elements to make the song even better.

Sirens of the Sea reminds me of a song called ‘Equinoxx – Sonata.’ The rhythm of ‘Sirens of the Sea’ has undoubtedly inspired other artists. The song is considered a classic, and you will only realize that when you give it a listen. One of the beautiful moments in the song starts at 1:34. Furthermore, the soothing voice continues to mesmerize from 1:41 to 2:02, making the song a true blessing to listen to.

Carte Blanche – Veracocha

This song was new to me when I first listened to it. Right from the start, it grabs your attention with a catchy tune. Carte Blanche’s original mix is what introduced many people to trance music. If you’re into the trance genre, then this song is a must-listen. The artist Veracocha has put their all into this music. Most people consider this song an old-school trance classic. Veracocha’s ‘Carte Blanche’ is one of my all-time favorites.

Armin van Buuren – Sail

Armin van Buuren is a great trance artist, and the song ‘Sail’ is another recommended trance track. I even wrote about the best part in my diary: 1:54 is where the magic begins. Looking back, it’s been a long time since the song was released in 2006. The song has a vibe similar to ‘Adagio for Strings.’ ‘Sail’ is one of the top tracks by Armin.

I believe the song ‘Sail’ by Armin Van Buuren is deeply emotional and evokes a feeling of pouring one’s heart out as the song plays. It’s important to remember that this song is one of the best trance tracks. Some of Armin Van Buuren’s other best tracks include ‘Blue Fear,’ ‘Rush Hour,’ and ‘Zocalo.’

Armin van Buuren – Zocalo

I was about to suggest ‘Push – Universal Nation’ for this list, but Armin van Buuren’s ‘Zocalo’ changed my mind. After listening to ‘Sail,’ definitely give ‘Zocalo’ a try; it’s another great trance track. The track is mysterious, and until 1:27, you will experience a unique emotion while listening to it. There are other good trance tracks that feel enjoyable when listening, but Armin van Buuren’s songs resonate with your soul. ‘Zocalo’ is highly underrated and is a must-listen track for this century. The use of instruments at 3:44 is also very pure and relaxing. It’s rare to find tracks like ‘Zocalo.’ Apart from everything else, listening to Zocalo feels like a melancholic song, filled with pain and memories.

Astrix – Poison (Wrecked Machines Remix)

One of the best versions of ‘Astrix Poison’ is the ‘Wrecked Machines Remix.’ This song represents what modern trance sounds like, even though ‘Astrix Poison’ falls into the category of Psychedelic Trance. It’s an epic trance track filled with multi-dimensional instruments. From start to finish, this song exudes a positive attitude and is brimming with energy.

I believe Astrix’s ‘Poison’ is what introduced me to the world of trance. The first time I heard it, I was in awe. The change in the music at 4:27 in the ‘Wrecked Machines Remix’ is mind-blowing and simply out of this world. The punchy bass and the emotions in this song are indescribable. I even marked the time when the pure eargasm begins – it’s at 6:44. Don’t forget this part when you’re listening to the song. ‘Astrix’s Poison’ is a must-listen track, and the original version sounds just as good as the remix.

Rank 1 – Airwave (Original Mix)

‘Rank 1 – Airwave’ is a playful track. The thing is that when you listen to most trance songs, they sound the same, but it always depends on the artist how they play with the tune. ‘Rank 1 – Airwave’ gives off a dancing vibe and is definitely one of the memorable tracks to groove to in the club.

The song sounds similar to one of Tiesto’s older songs. Give ‘Rank 1 – Airwave’ a listen and share your thoughts. The Original Mix is the best version.

DJ Tiesto – Adagio For Strings

Adagio For Strings is a classic. On YouTube alone, the song has more than 100 million views. The intensity of the song is similar to ‘Astrix Poison,’ but on a different level. The melody and bass in this song make it one of the most emotionally charged trance tracks that have ever existed in the scene. In my YouTube comment, I emphasized the part at 5:57. To reach this eargasm point; one must listen carefully from the start. Besides the punchy beats, the emotional sound of the piano is what sets this song apart from others. I want to emphasize again, don’t forget the orgasmic sound at 5:57. ‘Adagio for Strings’ is Tiesto’s 9th symphony. Don’t miss this track.

Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix)

Every time I listen to ‘Silence,’ it feels like I’m hearing it for the first time. This song is equally as good as ‘Adagio for Strings,’ but on a different level. The female voice complements the background beat perfectly. ‘Silence’ is sung by Sarah McLachlan, and I still remember the beat at 3:04 in ‘Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix.’ The track ‘Silence’ is refreshing and is one of the all-time best tracks. There’s that same feeling of bliss at 4:27 as well. Delerium’s ‘Silence’ is easily one of the top trance tracks. Furthermore, it’s the female voice that adds beauty to the song ‘Silence.’

Photographer – Airport

While searching for a different kind of trance, I stumbled upon the track ‘Photographer – Airport.’ It was mind-blowing when I first gave it a listen. The bass slowly creeps up in your ears. This song boasts one of the most beautiful basslines and is uplifting from start to finish. The music is bassy and has a fantastic breakdown. ‘Photographer – Airport’ is an incredible trance song. The Armin van Buuren Mashup, ‘Airport Shivers,’ adds extra joy to this track. Don’t forget to listen to ‘Night Lights’ as well; the Photographer has created some awesome and unique trance songs.

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