The Popularity of Deephouse Music on Youtube: A Cultural Phenomenon

It was during the 90s that I remember there was a wave in my friend circle. Everyone I knew, every friend was either listening to Metallica, Megadeth or was into black metal, like Cradle of Filth. The Big Four of metal were also in the air. Things were happening, and there was an idea in the group that anyone who didn’t listen to such metal songs was considered an outsider.

Things have changed. Music has changed. Nobody could have believed that we would see this day. Of course, I would say this is the shift from aggression to peace. Some even call it the Mandela Effect, and we have been shifted to the new world from the Sagittarius arm. The music is calmer, the music is better, and it drives us to the brink of nostalgia.

People have chosen soft music now. No more hard music that gives anxiety. The lesser-known music has come to light. The underground bands no longer exist in the metal scene but are found on YouTube. Artists like Jay Aliyev, Cavid Askerov, and Izzamuzzic are the new wave. The music used in TikTok is the new wave. It is the law of nature that old things get replaced.

Deephouse is a subgenre of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in the 1980s in Chicago, USA. It is characterized by its use of complex melodies, soulful vocals, and rhythmic percussion, often featuring a 4/4 beat with syncopated hi-hats and snare patterns.

Unlike other EDM genres such as techno and trance, deep house is often described as having a more mellow, relaxed sound, focusing on creating a mood or atmosphere rather than high-energy dancefloor bangers.

Deephouse music is also distinctive in its use of instruments, with many tracks featuring analog synthesizers and classic drum machines, such as the Roland TR-909 and the Roland TB-303.

Over time, deep house has evolved and branched out into many different subgenres, such as tech house, soulful house, and deep tech. These subgenres have added new elements to the classic deep house sound, incorporating influences from jazz, funk, and other musical styles.

Today, deep house music continues to be popular among electronic music fans worldwide, and has become an essential part of the global dance music scene. With the rise of online platforms like Youtube, deep house music has found a new audience and continues to evolve and innovate while staying true to its roots in the underground dance music culture.

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Awan K S
Awan K S
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