Harmonic Gems: Beautiful Songs from the Indie Music Scene

Jay Aliyev Falling Down

This music makes me feel things that I don’t want to feel. It resurfaces old memories, and I find myself unable to resist its pull. The emotions it evokes slowly overwhelm me, drowning me in memories of the past. Jay Aliyev’s ‘Falling Down’ is undeniably one of the purest songs. I know you also appreciate this song, and I share your admiration. The track from YouTube ‘Melodic Deep Mix’, Baijan Global version hits my core. I can’t help but cry; I love this song so much. How is it possible for someone to create such beautiful music?

Jay Aliyev Beautiful Second Edit

And no matter how often I  write about this music, it is never enough. The second edit is even better than the original Beautiful. There is nothing more I have heard of. It is like a feeling of first love, that first look in her eyes where she too wants to love me again. This song is like the poetry of Atticus, where no matter how many times I read it, it’s never enough. The love in me is the love in you.

Here are some other beautiful songs like Jay Aliyev.

The intro of Awolnation – Sail

Oh yeah, this is another beautiful song. It’s absolutely mesmerizing. The intro of Awolnation’s ‘Sail’ is otherworldly, and it doesn’t get any more beautiful than that. Just at the 1:17 mark, there’s an eargasmic moment. You’re going to love this song. Ah, it’s so satisfying.

Jay Aliyev – Where We Started

I apologize for returning to Jay Aliyev again, but there’s nothing more beautiful than this right now. The new track, ‘Where We Started,’ is a delightful song filled with nostalgic memories. I’m at a loss for words to describe its beauty. It’s so soothing, with a melody perfect for relaxing with a drink. These songs give me a new kind of high.

Dil Ko Karar Aaya (slowed + reverb)

Remember, I am referring to the slowed and reverb version of this song. It evokes the feeling of lonely days in rainfall, where I take pleasure in walking around and inhaling the fresh petrichor. This song holds a special place in my heart, as it marks the beginning of a new journey in my life. Above all, it is a beautiful tune. I recommend listening to it on the YouTube channel named ‘hxney.’ The slowed and reverb version is the only one I truly enjoy.

Albaikan – Mars

Ah, this song. How could I ever forget it? It’s like a fresh morning where new love is born. The background voice reminds me of a song by Jay Aliyev. The melody after the chorus simply takes my breath away. It’s more than just a first love; it’s a slow trance state within my mind. It has its own unique mood. There was a time in my life when I listened to this song 24/7, and I still do. Albaikan Mars is one of the most beautiful, fresh, and uplifting songs that signals a new beginning. I truly believe that some songs have hidden magic within them, capable of changing your reality. This song holds a special place in my heart. Oh, and how could I forget? At 5:54, the song takes a whole new turn, shifting the mood completely. The music guides me even deeper into my own memories. Life is all about creating meaningful memories, and this song encapsulates that essence.

Cavid Askerov – Me

This song is a masterpiece featured on Tbilisi Play’s YouTube channel. Cavid Askerov is a hidden gem, and his track ‘Me’ is a unique masterpiece that directly pierces my soul. If you listen closely, it touches your soul too. I believe that Jay Aliyev and Cavid Askerov are on the same level, and this song carries the same vibes. The real turn in the music begins at 2:20, and there’s nothing new in the entire universe quite like it. I love this song so much; it feels like a triumph. It’s the kind of song I would play on the first day I became a millionaire or the day I achieve what I’ve always desired, yet it’s never enough. My love for this music is endless. I even believe that Cavid Askerov cannot create another track as beautiful as this. This song surpasses everything on the list. No matter how many times I write about it, it never feels sufficient; in fact, less is more. This song is a drug for my soul, and it makes my heart dance as if I can conquer the world.

Cavid Askerov – Empty Palaces Of My Heart

Long story short, there is a different kind of joy in listening to Cavid Askerov’s ‘Empty Palaces Of My Heart.’ Ah! The feeling it evokes. It tells me another story. Even though I am already in love, it creates a special place within me for someone new. ‘Even you can be inside my heart if I let…’ There are so many mysterious feelings inside me as if they suddenly exploded after 37 years of my life. My whole life was numb until the music reached its peak at 5:34. This is something new. It can’t end here. It’s overwhelming. Oh, such an eargasm. It’s incredibly beautiful. This is it—the ultimate love that I’ve discovered. I don’t need anything else. Cavid Askerov’s ‘Empty Palaces Of My Heart’ reaches a whole new level after 5 minutes and 34 seconds. There’s a new room, new spaces for someone I’ve just met. Ladies, if I give you the key to it, it is yours forever.

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