Discover the Hidden Names of Viral TikTok Songs

There are songs that you cannot remember, and you simply swipe them away. Some tunes get stuck on the tip of your tongue, and even when you try using Shazam, you struggle to find the correct song due to added background effects. Today, I spent 5 hours searching for a song called ‘I Got 5 on It,’ and you wouldn’t believe how challenging it was. Shazam suggested some alternative versions, and with the unexpected Arabic voice in the video, tracking it down became quite difficult. Nonetheless, here is the exclusive compilation of the most frequently used TikTok songs

  1. Crystal Castles – Transgender
  2. Paris – Else
  3. Interworld – Metamorphosis
  4. Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz – Miss You (sped up)
  5. Amy Winehouse – Back to black
  6. Fiki – Chupki V Krusta
  7. Oneheart Reidenshi – Snowfall
  8. Tollan Kim – Aesthetic
  9. Stephen Sanchez – Until I found you
  10. Tim Odell – Another Love
  11. PREP – As it was
  12. Rihanna – Love on the Brain
  13. Hung up Tiktok remix
  14. We Know What You Whisper
  15. Dora Milaje Theme
  16. Crystal Castles – Kerosene
  17. Mareux – The Perfect Girl
  18. Mount Everest (Sped Up Nightcore)
  19. Who is she X The  Perfect Girl
  20. Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary (Sped Up)
  21. Zion & Lennox – Yo Voy
  22. I Got 5 On It
  23. Yungatita – 7 weeks 3 days (Sped Up)
  24. Isabel LaRosa – I’m Yours (Sped Up)
  25. Llusion X Banakula (Ramzoid Remix – Midnight Sun)
  26. Engelbert Humperdinck – Man Without Love (Around 1:00)
  27. Dxrk ダーク – RAVE 
  28. Undertale OST: 085 – Fallen Down
  29. Mareux – The Perfect Girl 
  30. sapientdream – Pastlives
  31. twenty one pilots – Hometown
  32. onerepublic I aint worried Tiktok whistle loop (slowed reverb)
  33. The Strumbellas – Spirits (Tik Tok Version)
  34. Aurora – Runaway
  35. One Kiss x I Was Never There
  36. Imagine Dragon – Bones
  37. Sam Smith, Kim Petras – Unholy
  38. Funk Tribu – Phonky Tribu
  39. M83 – solitude (sped up)
  40. Tom Rosenthal – Lights Are On
  41. Jordan burns – weekend
  42. Joseline Hernandez – Vegas 
  43. Glock In My Lap x Immortal 
  44. SZA – Big Boy
  46. d4vd – Here With Me
  47. Filv & Edmofo feat. Emma Peters – Clandestina
  48. Travis Scott – SICKO MODE ft. Drake
  49. Synthwave Goose – Blade Runner 2049

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