Stoto – Still Can’t Sleep

Deep within this instrumental piece resides a soul, an intangible essence that resonates with anyone fortunate enough to listen.

I’ve always wanted to write about this song, but I couldn’t because this blog hadn’t been created yet. This song is a hidden gem that only a few people can discover when they delve into deep house music. There’s a soul within this instrumental piece. I vividly recall a point in my life when I was grappling with a profound heartbreak and a sense of longing for someone. It was at that moment when this song appeared as a suggestion and began auto-playing on YouTube. I found myself in awe of the music.

In my honest opinion, this song sounds even more soothing than Jay Aliyev’s song. The intro by Stoto is slow, and the music gradually builds up, creating the sensation of traveling a long road. As you continue listening to the song, the lady’s voice exudes a seductive quality, as if she’s enticing you to fall in love and reminisce about the fond memories of meeting your special someone.

The track carries a fresh sound, evoking the feeling of discovering something new, with a reminiscent touch of old enthusiasm, akin to how ’90s kids felt when listening to songs like Vengaboys’ ‘You and Me’ or Mareux’s ‘The Perfect Girl.’ Although this song is entirely different, I find myself connecting to its vibe upon the first listen—the excitement presented soothingly.

I would like to explain that the song ‘Stoto – Still Can’t Sleep’ is centered around the positive memories in your life, devoid of any sense of sadness. As the melody draws to its gentle close, the reason behind its title, ‘Still Can’t Sleep,’ becomes clear. The essence of this answer resides within cherished memories of our loved ones.

Adding to the song’s allure is the presence of a girl in the YouTube video, a factor that intensifies its emotional impact. The profound beauty conveyed through her eyes – I’m certain you can identify the exact video I’m referring to.

Moreover, there are moments when a song transcends the need for a structured narrative, offering instead a cascade of good vibes and positive emotions. While seemingly unassuming, this particular song radiates sheer brilliance in its musical composition. Devoid of lyrics, the instrumental arrangement possesses the ability to transport you across vast distances, painting images in sound. It’s the kind of composition that beckons you to press ‘repeat’ – I’ve personally enjoyed this song thousands of times and still experience the freshness of a new experience.

Regarding the artist, Stoto’s real name is Stoyan Stoyanov. He is an electronic music DJ and producer hailing from Bulgaria. On SoundCloud, the artist has 125 followers, while the song ‘Still Can’t Sleep’ has garnered over 1.4 million plays on SoundCloud alone. On YouTube, as of now, ‘Stoto – Still Can’t Sleep’ has amassed an impressive 142 million views on the channel ‘Sound of Soul.’ Additionally, on his own channel, the song has received 19 million views, accompanied by 80k subscribers.

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