Best Patrick Bateman-Inspired Sigma Music on the Internet

The internet trend has come a long way, and it has significantly influenced the music landscape. The sigma music you hear today has been shaped by internet culture itself. The repeated use of such music in Sigma memes has made it a recognized and enjoyable genre. Among the most famous sigma music in meme culture are the slowed and reverb version of “Interworld – Metamorphosis” and the sped-up version of “Snowfall” by Oneheart and Reidenshi. Additionally, “Moon Deity – Neon Blade” is also widely celebrated as a popular sigma music.

Sigma music embodies a sense of class, characterized by impeccable dress, well-groomed hairstyles, and an air of polite, yet subtly masculine, etiquette. This sophisticated style finds its roots in the movie ‘American Psycho,’ which achieved immense success in 2001. The ‘Sigma’ trend experienced a resurgence as the second wave, following a decade of relative obscurity from 2010 to 2020, comparable to the Elliot wave theory. On TikTok, the user ‘argenby’ played a pivotal role in popularizing the sigma trend by showcasing unique facial expressions.

Here’s a list of the best Sigma music used in Patrick Bateman pictures or Christian Bale memes.

Interworld – Metamorphosis

Oneheart and Reidenshi – Snowfall

Mc Orsen – Warning

Vai Dar Problema

Plenka- Call me

KSLV Noh – Override

Music with Christian Bale Vibes

All of this music has the characteristics of Christian Bale. We could even say that the vibe of Patrick Bateman is present in the music. If we go even deeper, it’s all about Christian Bale’s facial expressions that make the music even more interesting. Every human being has a desire to act high class, and Sigma music creates a mysterious vibe. Another song that represents the expression of Patrick Bateman is ‘The Perfect Girl’ Retrowave mix.

What’s even more fascinating is that the song ‘Pastlives’ is now being featured in videos portraying real-world scenarios with Patrick Bateman. For instance, one video depicts the story of the greatest bodybuilder from the past now selling vegetables on the streets. The profound pain and agony of humanity are vividly conveyed through Patrick Bateman’s expression as he closes his eyes while playing Sapientdream’s haunting melody, ‘Pastlives.’

The Background on Patrick Bateman as a Sigma Male

At first, we need to understand how the sigma male came into existence. The birth of internet culture introduced the terms ‘Alpha male’ and ‘Beta male.’ The Alpha is the extrovert, and the Beta is the introvert. So, what exactly is a Sigma male? A sigma male is someone who doesn’t fit into the Alpha or Beta categories. The sigma male doesn’t conform to society’s rules, and he lacks a specific label. Despite being successful, he is quite antisocial.

The main character, Patrick Bateman, in the movie ‘American Psycho,’ lacks feelings. He is portrayed as a millionaire who understands what he can attain and spends time with friends. However, beneath the surface, he experiences jealousy. He holds respect for his female assistant but commits murders at night. This character exemplifies the dual nature of humanity, residing on the extreme spectrum of good and bad, all while exuding class and style. With his perpetually neat hair and skin, early rising for exercise, and evident alpha male qualities, he consistently suppresses his introverted side. These traits distinctly highlight the sigma characteristics within Patrick Bateman.

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