Sapientdream’s past lives bring back my old memories

The only song that hits hard.

The original song is by an artist called ‘BØRNS.’ The track “Past Lives” by Sapientdream is gaining popularity on TikTok. Okay, the song is definitely about the memories of past success. The TikTok video featuring this song had an expression of Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale. The video tried to show one famous personality in the past is now a failure. And then this song is played; it hits deep. These words cannot convey the meaning I feel in my heart.

More than that, Sapientdream’s “Past Lives” reflects the suffering of each individual and depicts the pain experienced within our lives. This song evokes a feeling that what was once gold has now turned into stones. What was once innocent and childlike has been destroyed with the passage of time. Every individual holds beautiful memories, but somehow, they change as time goes on. This song reminds me of what was once pure, and now tears slowly fall from my eyes.

If you want to create a video that touches the hearts of listeners, then this music is the right choice. There is a reason why this song has become a big hit in today’s youth culture. It can also serve as a moment of awakening when you finally realize that all the things you desire in your life are the things that have been missing in the present. Additionally, there are two otherworldly cover versions of this song: the first one is ‘Sedogy Bedam – Past Lives’, and the second one is the Martin Arteta cover.

The real meaning behind the song ‘Past Lives.’

There is an undeniable sense of nostalgia for the past in the original song by the artist known as ‘BØRNS.’ The song ‘Past Lives’ evokes a profound sense of the 90s and has truly become an anthem for nostalgia.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a moment when one still resides in the good old days. Despite the awareness in the present that she has moved on, there lingers a sentiment that, once upon a time, she was yours. This is where the poignant line, “lost love is sweeter when it’s finally found,” resonates, striking a chord deep within.

In Borns’ lyrical narrative, the metaphorical use of ‘Golden eagle’ may symbolize the passage of time, soaring with its own majestic pace. However, when we focus solely on the chorus, the song transforms into an entirely distinct piece of art. The singer recognizes that he is immersed in a dream, and this dream is sweet. There’s an acceptance that dreams constitute the only tangible reality, encapsulating true love and the joyous moments of the past.

More than anything else, the song ‘Past Lives’ emerges as a time capsule, encapsulating the essence of the years 2020 to 2025; it undeniably captures attention and stirs deep emotions in its listeners. Personally, I’ve found myself entranced by the song on repeat, and at times, it feels like there is no musical masterpiece more beautiful. The diverse remixes of ‘Past Lives’ only serve to elevate its allure, creating a sonic journey that transcends the ordinary.

If you are looking for songs similar to Sapientdream’s “Past Lives,” here are some suggestions:

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  • Beach House – Space Song
  • D4vd- Here with me
  • Clann – I hold you
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