Jay Aliyev – Beynimin Icindekiler

What's Inside My Mind?

A little insight on this song: Jay Aliyev – ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər.’ This song came out of the blue, and I fell in love with it right after listening to it. Perhaps only a few people have heard about this song, but the remarkable thing is that it has a naive effect on the listener upon the first listen.

I was so enamored with this song that I tried to understand the meaning of ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər.’ I discovered that these two words were Azerbaijani, and they meant ‘What’s Inside My Mind.’ Ah! A unique song by Jay Aliyev. What I’ve noticed after listening to most of Jay Aliyev’s songs is that his lyrics delve deep into the human psyche. I’ve consistently found that his songs touch a part of the human experience that other artists often fail to reach.

Of course, there are artists like Lady Gaga, whom I recently wrote about. However, much like alcohol and tobacco, which provide a completely different kind of high, these artists touch various facets of human emotions. What I’ve discovered is that Jay Aliyev’s songs carry a deeper level of emotional intensity; they evoke both pain and pleasure when listened to. It’s akin to an addiction that I don’t wish to relinquish—painful memories of a loved one that I’m reluctant to forget. ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər’ is an exceptionally beautiful song. In fact, this song reminds me of another Jay Aliyev track called ‘He’s Coming to Get You.’

Among the most profound revelations offered by Jay Aliyev’s music is the realization that lyrics are hardly a necessity. The essence of his songs transcends the need for semantic interpretation; it blossoms from the very melody itself. Akin to a meditative experience, his compositions require no verbal embellishments; the instruments alone suffice to plunge the listener into a profound trance-like state.

Occasionally, I find myself taking respite from immersing in his melodies. When I return after a hiatus, the song unfurls before me like an entirely new creation, an auditory rebirth that rekindles the magic anew.

It’s no wonder that Jay Aliyev has poured his heart and soul into his music, and this is beautifully reflected in the hearts of his listeners. If you truly adore Jay Aliyev’s ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər,’ don’t miss the opportunity to listen to another gem from him: ‘Jay Aliyev – He’s Coming to Get You’ (Original Mix). Ah! I almost forgot, the Jay Aliyev EP ‘Porque’ includes three fantastic songs: ‘Porque,’ ‘He’s Coming to Get You,’ and ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər.

Another interesting aspect of the song ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər’ is its catchy intro. The bass and the slow buildup of the ambiance feels like the start of a new story. If you were to slow it down a bit and add some reverb, its appeal could become even stronger. To give you a clear picture, think of Jay Aliyev’s ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər’ as the grand return of a hero who comes back after being away for a long time. The composition evokes a truly inspiring sensation for your auditory senses.

Apart from ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər’ and ‘He’s Coming To Get You’, I’d even like to recommend the song ‘Virane’, featuring Jay Meel, which carries the same slow, gradual and deliberate progression or development of the musical elements at the beginning of the song. Experiencing Jay Aliyev’s music is an ongoing, enriching journey, with each song telling its own unique story. Understanding his essence is a privilege bestowed upon very few. If you’re reading this, then you’ve found it. Being an audiophile for over two decades, I can confirm that ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər’ is a standout Jay Aliyev song.

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