Exploring the Emotions in ‘I Was Never There’ by The Weeknd

The first time I heard this music, it was tagged as ‘Chicago,’ ‘aesthetic,’ and ‘nightcity.’ This song has a classy vibe. Then, in another video, I found the song named ‘I Was Never There’ by ‘The Weeknd.’ Classy! The song is like the first ride to a new city where you are about to live and make a better place for yourself. The song feels like a newborn version of yourself, and finally, the old people in your lives are now jealous of you.

Bang! This song, ‘I Was Never There,’ comes with a distinctive style. It embodies an ‘idgaf’ attitude and represents the best version of yourself. It allows you to express an emotion where, in the past, you were struggling and felt neglected by others. However, you never gave up, always knowing deep down that you would succeed. This tune and this song fill you with pride, as you have finally achieved your dream. There has never been a moment where quitting was an option because you possess an innate heroism.

The first experience encompasses the emotions conveyed in the song, while the second experience relates to the lyrics. Upon reading the lyrics, I immediately sensed the same vibe as my initial experience. Although there is a slight touch of absurdism in the first rendition of the song, where the artist spells out “his happiness is never real,” the true catharsis is felt when the artist proclaims, “when it’s time, when it’s time, it won’t matter.” This song shares similarities with ‘Craspore – flashbacks,’ both in terms of style and the classy atmosphere it exudes. However, it possesses a slower and more soothing pace.

Moreover, the song surely has a masculine vibe. The lyrics, “You’d rather something toxic, so I will poison myself till I feel nothing,” convey a male’s desire for a woman. The artist distinctly speaks from a male perspective. When viewed through a gender lens, it becomes apparent that the feminine aspect is suppressed in this portrayal. Apart from the intended message conveyed by the lyrics, the music itself has an otherworldly quality that captivates audiences on TikTok. The song ‘I Was Never There’ is currently rocking and vibing with today’s youngsters, creating an energetic and captivating atmosphere.

The sharp tune at the end of the song bears a resemblance to “Moby – Extreme Ways.” Furthermore, the slowed and reverb version of ‘I Was Never There’ by The Weeknd sounds even better. Many users have commented that listening to this song makes them feel euphoric, while others experience intense emotions of pain. The majority of listeners are obsessed with this music. Above all, the song is incredible and evokes a classy vibe that complements one’s personality.

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Awan K S
Awan K S
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