Crystal Castles’ Music: A Blend of Mystery and Emotion

I’m delighted to acknowledge ‘Crystal Castles’ as the next-gen artists, owing to their distinctive music and irresistibly catchy style. A brief glimpse of the band Crystal Castles is presented here. I penned this when a song by Crystal Castles completely captivated me. The artist was new to me, and listening to their songs offered a unique experience. The music had the influence of both gloominess and darkness. In my mind, I already knew that Crystal Castles had elements of the Avant-Garde style in their music.

Their sound is truly unparalleled and effortlessly sets them apart in the vast ocean of music.

Reflecting on the music and pondering the presence of a dark element, it seems that founding member Alice Glass may have left her mark on the songs. In 2017, after departing the band in 2014, Alice Glass accused the other founding member, Ethan Kath. Following Alice Glass’s accusation, the band remained inactive. Crystal Castles’ latest album, “Amnesty(I),” was released in 2016.

Band disputes are not a recent occurrence; even Dave Mustaine left Metallica in the early ’80s due to mistreatment. There are instances, such as with Illnath, where the band could have become the world’s greatest black metal band if only the original members had stayed together.

The first Crystal Castles song I ever heard was ‘Kerosene’. It immediately stood out as something completely distinct from other artists, as it defied the conventions of love music. This track exudes an air of mystery, darkness, and hypnotism, making it truly one-of-a-kind and exceptionally unique. The true essence of the song emerges at 0:48, where the real vibe takes hold. One user aptly describes it as haunting, and indeed, that’s precisely what it is.

The most viewed Crystal Castles song on YouTube is ‘Not in Love’ with 32 million views. Crystal Castles’ songs have an avant-garde touch that sets them apart. This particular song is simply amazing, and as I listen to it, the chorus synth feels incredibly original and satisfying. It sends shivers down my spine. It’s no surprise that Crystal Castles’ songs have gained popularity on TikTok.

One notable aspect of Crystal Castles is the distinct signature they imprint on their music. Just as Metallica has a recognizable touch in their songs, one can easily discern a Crystal Castles track after listening to it.

Looking back, Crystal Castles has released four albums. Among these studio albums, the third one, titled “III,” stands out as the most renowned, with over 52 thousand sales in the US alone. Crystal Castles’ songs are undeniably modern, encompassing a unique blend of punk and “synth wave” styles.

Crystal Castles’ Social Media Explosion

Crystal Castles was in its nascent phase in 2008, although already gaining fame within a small circle. Today, their songs have become some of the most renowned and beloved by the youth of the following decade. It’s important to note that a key characteristic of their music is its rebellious nature, which resonates throughout most of their songs.

Some of Crystal Castles’ popular tracks on TikTok include “Kerosene,” “Transgender,” and “Leni.” Interestingly, Crystal Castles’ songs often evoke memories of the movie Trainspotting for me. Apart from TikTok, their famous tracks include “Not in Love,” “Goth,” “Baptism,” and “Vanished.”

Prior to the era of social media platforms like TikTok, Crystal Castles had a modest fan base. However, TikTok catapulted Crystal Castles into the spotlight, akin to what Metallica did for the metal genre. After experiencing a substantial surge in virality on TikTok, Crystal Castles gained widespread recognition.

During a TikTok phase, nearly every featured song seemed to be by Crystal Castles. Even songs like ‘Craspore – Flashbacks’ exhibited similarities to Crystal Castles, inspiring many new artists to adopt their genre. Additionally, Crystal Castles’ songs undeniably bear the influence of both Sex Pistols and Joy Division.

Among the most popular Crystal Castles songs on TikTok are ‘Kerosene,’ ‘Leni,’ and ‘Transgender.

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