Roudeep: A Hidden Musical Gem from Baku’s Melodic Journey

For quite some time, the melodic tunes of Roudeep had been quietly playing in my playlist. It was during this period that I discovered Jay Aliyev and, through him, was introduced to the enchanting music of Roudeep.

Much like contemporary artists such as Jay Aliyev, Kastomarin, and Cavid Askerov, Roudeep’s compositions embody a slow, melodious quality, centering on a singular harmony within each piece. Listening to Roudeep’s songs creates a romantic atmosphere filled with sensuality, atmospheric allure, and pure pleasure.

Roudeep, whose real name is Remzi, hails from Azerbaijan, specifically Baku. His passion lies in House Music and low-tempo tunes, carving a niche for himself in a genre that thrives on intricate musicality.

Deep House is a subgenre of house music. It’s characterized by its deep, soulful, and atmospheric sound. Typically, Deep House features a slower tempo compared to other house music subgenres, and it often incorporates elements of jazz, funk, and soul. The basslines are deep and prominent, and the overall feel is laid-back and groovy. Deep house music often includes smooth melodies, soft chords, and rhythmic percussion, creating a mellow and immersive listening experience.

Among Roudeep’s songs, “Where Are You Now” stands out as a highly recommended track. The gradual tempo build-up and the enchanting melody create a breathtaking auditory experience, bearing a striking resemblance to Jay Aliyev’s “Cry.” I still remember crying when I listened to Jay Aliyev.

A hidden gem among Roudeep’s songs is “Leleess,” though it remains relatively undiscovered due to limited exposure on platforms like YouTube. This particular composition is a heartfelt expression of love towards someone for whom Roudeep may have developed deep feelings.

Beyond “Leleess,” tracks like “You and I,” “Я Рядом” (“I am Nearby”), “Waiting for you,” and many others linger in the shadows of recognition. It’s worth noting that Roudeep, as an artist, remains somewhat underrated. As of now, his monthly listener count on Spotify hovers around 82,000 users, a testament to his yet-to-be-fully-realized potential.

Roudeep’s song “See it” is a rare gem, standing out in its own way. His musical style, reminiscent of the renowned artist “Enigma,” revolves around themes of love, girls, and the heartfelt longing for lost love. In each composition, Roudeep skillfully weaves together melodies and lyrics, aiming to capture the essence of beauty and infuse every note with a unique charm.

In a musical landscape saturated with mainstream hits, Roudeep’s work can be likened to a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. His songs, while exploring familiar themes, carve a distinctive niche through their evocative melodies and emotive narratives.

As an artist on the verge of getting more attention, Roudeep’s journey reflects the essence of his own music—slow, intentional, and filled with depth. The modest number of monthly listeners on Spotify highlights the chance for his music to connect with a larger audience, ready to discover the charm of Roudeep’s artistry.

In conclusion, Roudeep’s contribution to the world of music extends beyond mere entertainment. His compositions are a testament to the enduring power of melody, capable of evoking emotions, stirring memories, and transcending the boundaries of language. As Roudeep continues to craft his musical narrative, there’s a sense of anticipation—a shared secret among those who have already found solace in the subtleties of his harmonies and a promise of discovery for those yet to embark on this sonic journey.

For me, the best songs of Roudeep are ‘Leleess,’ ‘You and I,’ ‘Waiting for you,’ and ‘See it.’

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