5 Modern Deep House Artists You Should Listen To

5 Must-Hear Modern Deep House Artists

It is really interesting to find a new song, but sometimes it takes a year or more to find something you really love. In the ocean of music, it feels really difficult to find the hidden gem. However, in this top 5 list, I am writing about some of the artists who create the best modern music, including Deep House, Chill House, and downtempo music that I have found. Their music is both chilling and soft, stirring your soul like no other.

1. ‘Cut Off’

A specific track by the artist ‘Cut Off’ truly mesmerized me, and its name was ‘Escuro.’

The first time I encountered the term ‘Cut Off,’ I initially thought it was a verb. However, much later, I realized it was the name of the artist. I discovered this artist on YouTube, where users often assign different titles to their songs. Nevertheless, finding this gem of an artist, ‘Cut Off,’ was truly gratifying. The music is not only mind-blowing but also reflects a style that resonates with the current trend in Deep House.

Some of the popular tracks by ‘Cut Off’ include ‘Lonely,’ ‘Escuro,’ and ‘All I Want.’ If you delve deeper into the artist’s discography, you’ll uncover more hidden gems that showcase their musical prowess.

During times of love deprivation, people tend to gravitate toward such music. ‘Cut Off’s’ music feels like a detachment from the past and a journey toward a new life. It serves as an inspiration to live, offering solace and motivation in its melody and rhythm.

One of my favorite songs by ‘Cut Off’ is ‘Destiny.’

2. Muslum Ari

Muslum Ari is a Turkish producer who entered the music industry in 2015. With a notable presence, he has garnered attention for his popular tracks like ‘Galaxy,’ ‘Leave me,’ and ‘I Know It’s You.’

Muslum Ari’s music is distinguished by its soft tones and a profound sense of pleasure embedded in each composition. Much like other emerging artists in the genre, such as Jay Aliyev, Ari takes delight in crafting music that resonates with similar styles and emotions.

Some of Muslum Ari’s early songs include ‘Set Me Free,’ ‘Treasure,’ ‘My Dream,’ and ‘Yours.’

3. Furkan Sert

Furkan Sert is another exceptional artist of this generation; his songs are undeniably chilling and keep me in the right mood. It is noteworthy how a talented artist of this caliber escaped my attention.

According to Furkan Sert’s Spotify profile, he was born in Sakarya, a province in Turkey. Some of his earlier tracks that catapulted him to popularity include songs like ‘Turkey,’ ‘Alone,’ and ‘Cry.’ Furkan Sert’s musical style spans Deep House, Indie Dance, and Oriental House. However, I personally categorize him primarily under Deep House and soul music.

The music style is soft, catchy, and has the power to play with your heart, emanating a romantic vibe. Artist Furkan Sert diligently crafts beautiful music, and even in the absence of the artist, you can sense the depth of effort invested in creating such beauty. Tracks like ‘Hold on to Me’ and ‘Leave Me’ serve as prime examples of these musical gems.

When you put on a certain playlist on YouTube, and a new song starts, there are some songs you remember forever; artists like Furkan Sert are among them. With every new track, the artist continues to release their best songs. Another interesting track from Furkan Sert is ‘Bodvàr’; it’s just the instrument playing a melody that resonates with your soul, stirring such deep emotions that you get lost in the moment of time.

Lastly, songs like ‘Hold On to Me’ are what make Furkan Sert’s music a good listen. If the artist could create more music like this, then the songs will surely go mainstream.

4. Asadov

Well, Asadov’s songs are similar to those of other Azerbaijani artists. Asadov was one of the artists recommended to me when I was listening to Jay Aliyev. His songs are beautiful, and some of them touch you in a way that feels like remembering someone from a long-gone memory.

More than Jay Aliyev, Asadov’s songs are reminiscent of Roudeep. One of the best songs I can recall from Asadov is ‘Life is Wonderful.’ The piano play in this song is alluring and possesses a rare quality you won’t hear from other artists. Another beautiful song from Asadov is ‘Dark Sun.’

The 2023 release of the tracks named ‘Echoes’ by Asadov and ‘BLEZH’ is extremely pleasurable to listen to. Tracks like this are hidden gems that make me want to revisit the artists and browse through their discography again. Blezh and Asadov have done a really great job on the song ‘Echoes.’

One thing about Asadov is that, even though he is lesser known, with about 36k monthly listeners on Spotify, he remains professional. Asadov lives on the same level as Jay Aliyev, Roudeep, and Cavid Askerov and has released many beautiful songs. Songs like ‘Dark Sun,’ ‘Time,’ and ‘Echoes’ are some of my favorites.

Some of Asadov’s tracks are really lost in the sea of Deep House music. They include some of the greatest songs you could hear in your lifetime. ‘Find You,’ ‘Time,’ ‘I’m Lost,’ and ‘Moon’ are some of the underrated songs from the hidden gem artist Asadov.

5. Jabarov

I have always noted Jabarov’s songs in the back of my head, waiting for some extra time to explore the artist in depth. Jabarov creates really beautiful music with a catchy tune. Jabarov’s style of play is different from other deep house artists and focuses more on the catchy part of the song. Jabarov’s songs are like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons; once you hear them, they will be playing in the back of your mind. One of Jabarov’s most popular songs on Spotify is ‘High Pressure,’ a pure rhythmic masterpiece and pure art.

Well, my first enchanting encounter with the artist Jabarov was through his soulful composition, ‘Beautiful Girl.’ The melodic charm of the song stirred the feelings of love within my heart, and its unique style left a lasting impression. Jabarov stands as an underrated gem, a musical talent yet to be discovered by many. One of the hidden treasures in Jabarov’s discography is ‘Illusion,’ a song that swiftly secured its place among my top-listened tracks on YouTube.

The artist’s first name is Firuz, and his last name is Jabarov. Drawing inspiration from Azerbaijan, he enjoys crafting deep house music and downtempo songs. Like many distinguished deep house musicians, Jabarov possesses a distinct musical identity, and his musical creations definitely come from true passion.

Firuz Jabarov’s portfolio showcases some of his best creations, like ‘Cosmic Love,’ ‘Beautiful Girl,’ and ‘Illusion.’ Each piece beautifully tells a story through his music, revealing Jabarov’s skill in crafting emotional connections through the use of instruments.

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