5 Songs of Cavid Askerov You Should Not Miss

Cavid Askerov’s songs offer a modern interpretation of melody. These compositions emanate from a pure soul and flow into your ears, evoking a sense of dopamine rush. Artists like Cavid Askerov, including Jay Aliyev, KastomariN, Tural Ali, Randall, and many more, share a similar style. Most of Cavid Askerov’s songs are a modified blend of synth-wave infused with the melodies of Eastern music. Listening to Cavid Askerov’s music is a completely novel experience. His track ‘Bright Night’ transports you to an urban setting, where you feel like you’re driving along the city lights. Listening to his tracks, you may feel the artist is truly underrated in today’s music industry.

Cavid Askerov captured the hearts of listeners with the release of his masterpiece track ‘Me.’ However, that was just the beginning of Cavid Askerov’s musical journey. He consistently creates new and improved music with each subsequent release. One of his lesser-known tracks is ‘Insensible.’ One of the beauties of Cavid Askerov’s music is its ever-evolving rhythm; there is no monotony, and the songs continue to surprise until the end. This skillful use of instruments can be observed in ‘Empty Places of My Heart,’ and it is particularly well-executed in ‘Bright Night,’ his 2023 release. His songs are refreshingly unique, and anyone looking for something different should give them a listen.

Without a doubt, Cavid Askerov’s new tracks carry a trance-like essence. In my analysis, there appears to be a hint of inspiration drawn from the classic ‘Lost Tribe – Gamemaster.’ I could be mistaken, but these new tracks exude a reminiscent vibe, and it’s genuinely captivating and beautiful to witness such a joyful influence in the music. Cavid Askerov’s latest songs are undeniably modern and continue to evolve.

One cannot forget the beauty of the track ‘Insensible.’ This piece must have been created when he was falling in love because the song feels like a dedication to someone beautiful – a bit flirty, a continuous source of pleasure, and one of the most underrated pieces of music. The girl laughing in this song reveals the depth of the artist’s feelings for it, and the music changes at 2:59, continually delivering the kind of impact the listener desires.

The song named ‘Not Art,’ released on the YouTube platform, is truly exceptional. The choice of notes and tempo is simply a masterpiece. One thing to note is that Cavid Askerov is still not widely known, but I believe his tracks are among the greatest.

His other songs, ‘Be My Soul’ and ‘Deep Waves,’ seem like extracts from his masterpiece ‘Me.’ The music gives the sensation of going deeper and deeper, seemingly endless—a total hypnotic experience that elevates the listener’s mood to a new level. While Cavid Askerov’s music continues to evolve, his distinctive signature remains evident. His compositions reflect the dedication of an artist who delves deep into the listener’s soul, providing an extraordinary and captivating listening experience that sets him apart.

For more information about ‘Be My Soul’ by Cavid Askerov, read here.

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