Exploring Cavid Askerov’s Musical Genius

When it comes to exceptional artistic talent, there is always a question, but Cavid Askerov undoubtedly belongs to that exceptional group. His musical style rivals that of Jay Aliyev. Originally from Azerbaijan, Cavid Askerov’s music transcends geographical boundaries.

Regardless of his origin, I would still be enamored with his music. Each of his songs resonates with a profound passion. Every beat, every note feels like a direct connection to my soul, meticulously crafted by Cavid Askerov himself. Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing his song ‘Empty Places of My Heart,’ and I can only describe it as incredibly beautiful, transforming empty spaces into magnificent palaces.

Cavid Askerov represents the emerging generation of artists, harnessing the power of the internet to make a name for himself. While he may not be widely recognized yet, it is essential to acknowledge the shift in our information landscape. In 2023, we have countless platforms for discovering new talents. As Cavid Askerov continues to create increasingly mesmerizing music, it won’t be long before his brilliance captivates a larger audience.


A quick Google search would give me results of songs like ‘Me,’ ‘Deep Waves,’ ‘Like You,’ ‘Be My Soul,’ and many others. I mentioned this earlier, and I’m mentioning it again. Cavid Askerov’s first song that I listened to was ‘Me.’ It was this song that hooked me. Keep in mind that I was driving at that moment. Ah, the background music of this song suits the voice perfectly. It’s as if my first love is calling for me. I cannot explain it, and my words would get lost.

Like You

Apart from the song ‘Me,’ another popular track, which is sometimes famous in the dancing culture, is ‘Like You.’ It’s like experiencing a fresh wave of novelty. It’s quite enjoyable. The more you listen, the more layers you discover within it. The music has a soft quality that creates an ambiance akin to living near a beach. Additionally, it’s the perfect music to accompany a casual drink.

Be My Soul

“Be My Soul” is another song that is similar to “Me” but has its own unique beat and rhythm. Cavid Askerov has poured his heart and soul into creating this music. I vividly recall a moment from the past when I was driving my car, eagerly anticipating the middle part of this song where the tune becomes truly heartwarming.

Wait, let me revisit that song again. The part starts at 4:22. It’s reminiscent of the final moment of Tiesto’s “Adagio for Strings.” This particular section of the song is so touching that it makes me feel as if I am finally walking on the path of my life’s purpose.

There is also something deeply motivating in Cavid Askerov’s “Be My Soul.” Music is all about transferring emotions from the artist to the listener. Just like the beauty crafted for our eyes, this song is tailored for your ears, embracing the desires of your heart.


Cavid Askerov’s song ‘Insensible’ is a flirty track. It’s wonderful to hear something like this while you’re working. I still believe that most of his tracks are ready to be used on TikTok, but people haven’t discovered the songs yet.

It’s the perfect music to create a romantic atmosphere and express your emotions. If you haven’t found Cavid Askerov’s songs, then you haven’t truly discovered captivating music yet. It’s fantastic and blissful to come across Cavid Askerov’s songs at this moment. It feels like finding a constellation of blessings in the stars.

YouTube creators like Profiqist Music, Tbilisi Play, and many others have done a great job by featuring beautiful females in each song. Listening to and watching these songs on YouTube creates an unparalleled experience that has never been felt before.

Cavid Askerov is the best music out there.

Made for everyone, for any mood, and for anytime, I would like to say that it’s the best soothing music out there. You are still early in discovering this gem. Thanks to YouTube for allowing me to discover Cavid Askerov. There is some music that has changed my life, and Cavid Askerov is one of them. He is a great artist for this generation.

Some of the best songs of Cavid Askerov are as follows:

  • Me
  • Deep Waves
  • Like You
  • Be My Soul
  • Insensible
  • Empty Places of My Heart
  • Diamonds In The Sky
  • Rhythm of the Night

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