I Miss the 90s Music: It Was Something Else

The song that captures the ’90s vibe.

I miss the ’90s more than I miss the years from 2000 to 2010. There was an epic vibe, a different type of goosebump when you listen to songs from the ’90s, like ‘Be My Lover.’ It is truly heartbreaking that I cannot go back to the ’90s and feel the vibe of that era.

There was something in the air—filled with joy and life. People would gather, blasting hits from iconic bands like Nirvana or dancing to the infectious beats of Spice Girls. The ’90s had a cultural richness that’s hard to replicate.

The music wasn’t just a soundtrack; it was the heartbeat of an era. ‘Be My Lover’ wasn’t just a song; it was a time machine that transported you to carefree days and unforgettable nights. The melodies had a certain magic, and the lyrics told stories that resonated with our experiences.

It’s a bittersweet realization that time only moves forward. Yet, in the echoes of ’90s music, we find a refuge—a place where the spirit of that era lives on. So, as we navigate the present, let’s cherish those ’90s tunes that continue to be the soundtrack of our memories.

In 1994, my father purchased a cassette featuring the best music of that year. I vividly recall songs such as Michael Jackson’s ‘You Are Not Alone’ and Def Leppard’s ‘When Love and Hate Collide.’ Experiencing these tunes was unique, and I found myself repeatedly playing them on my Walkman, a music device akin to the iPod that was popular in those days.

And I still miss the first time how I really felt when I listened to Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life.’ Looking back, life was simple back then, and it really felt like the dawn of technology. Everything on television felt so good, and in music, every song had its own vibe. There was no darkness, no gloomy theme that surrounds us nowadays like it’s a constant struggle to get everything done. There was also a different kind of joy in club music; everything in the ’90s was like love at first sight. Even the meme song today, ‘What is Love’ by Haddaway, was a smash hit and carried a sense of nostalgia. Today, it feels like everything is forgotten, and the vibe of the ’90s is long gone.

The Vengaboys hit differently with the song “Shalala Lala.” Boyzone and Backstreet Boys were the heartthrobs of teens; it even felt like we would never grow old, and this timeline feels like something else today. Justin Timberlake in *Nsync felt different in the song “It’s Gonna Be Me.” The unexpressed emotions in the hearts of youth were beautiful, and everywhere there was love. Living expenses never troubled the art of music. ’90s music was truly something else.

Looking back, at some point, it really felt like there was a shift that misplaced the chain of music. What I mean is listening to your favorite artist for a decade, and suddenly, one day, you don’t listen to them anymore; you forget they exist. That is what happened after the start of 2000, or maybe life happened, or we started to grow old. Artists like Metallica were not yet popular. Backstreet Boys’ ‘Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely’ was the most emotional song. Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ happened later.

The start of the year 2000 saw the rise of bands like Linkin Park, where aggression was at the center of the music. It was at this point in history that metal music started to gain popularity, and the overall tone of music began to turn darker. Perhaps, as the youth embraced the habit of seeking pleasure through different substances, the music of the ’90s slowly started to change.

In the 90s era, when you had to buy music to enjoy it, and the only free options were on the radio, the release of Napster was a significant event for major music companies. It even led to lawsuits such as Metallica’s against Napster. Nowadays, people turn to platforms like Soulseek for free music, but my preference still leans towards Spotify over anything else.

Today, it feels like gifts have lost their meaning, and music has lost its soul. The entire social structure functioned differently back then. Music videos had a unique essence and felt meaningful while reading lyrics made me feel like I was listening to an actual song. The digital touch of everything today has made things feel imaginary. It is difficult to express, but the ’90s had a different reality that really made me want to go back and live there forever. For me, the ’90s were the last greatest decade for music.

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Awan K S
Awan K S
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