10 TikTok Horror Songs You Should Listen To

Get ready to spookify your TikTok with these chilling horror tunes!

Celebrating the trend of horror songs this year, here’s a curated list of tracks featured in a video that encapsulates horror suspense and unveils the mysteries of the unknown.

  1. Charlie Clouser – Main Titles
  2. Little Dark Age (Slowed)
  3. Toby Fox – Fallen Down
  4. Midi Blossom – The sound of your fear
  5. Max Mathews – Daisy Bell
  6. Amityville Horror – Scary Halloween
  7. Caravan Palace – Aftermath
  8. Lorn – Acid Rain
  9. Siren Head sound
  10. Tiny Tim – Tip Toe Through the Tulips with me

Charlie Clouser – Main Titles

Charlie Clouser’s ‘Main Titles’ is the most famous horror song on TikTok, commonly featured in dark-themed and suspenseful videos. The song’s haunting beauty and its ability to evoke a sense of revelation within videos make it stand out. Additionally, its popularity has inspired me to write an article about horror songs.

Little Dark Age (Slowed)

Despite its lack of darkness in sound, this song has gained popularity among many users, making it a fitting choice for a horror-themed context. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into the eerie atmosphere, and I would categorize this track as mildly unsettling.

The slowed version of ‘Little Dark Age’ leans more on dark and ominous tones, creating a twist by contrasting with its more upbeat and lighter sound. The tune in this song has an impact on a horror-themed video, generating a sense of discomfort and unpredictability that contributes to the overall suspense.

Its extensive adoption by content creators demonstrates its effectiveness in evoking a specific emotional response from the audience. Therefore, even though it may not embody the traditional characteristics of a horror song, its unconventional appeal adds an intriguing dimension to the genre, showcasing the various ways in which music can contribute to the world of horror and suspenseful storytelling.

Toby Fox – Fallen Down

The piano melody in the song ‘Fallen Down’ carries an eerie, haunting quality. Its innocent, harmless essence creates an atmosphere of safety and tranquility, which, paradoxically, heightens the impending sense of danger. When listeners immerse themselves in this track, they experience an unsettling anticipation of sudden violence and horror within the scene. It’s this juxtaposition of innocence and imminent dread that makes the song so effective in a horror context.

The innocent tone melds seamlessly with the dark ambiance of a horror scene, much like a clown’s laughter echoing beneath an ominous, orange-hued sky. This contrast adds depth to the emotional impact, intensifying the sense of foreboding that defines the genre. ‘Fallen Down’ masterfully uses its seemingly harmless melody to subvert expectations, evoking a unique blend of fear and curiosity in the listener, making it a captivating addition to the world of horror music.

Midi Blossom – The sound of your fear

The song’s title, ‘The Sound of Your Fear,’ aptly portrays the horror within its music. Among horror tunes, it’s the one I prefer the most. Compared to ‘Fallen Down,’ it incorporates more horror elements while maintaining a child-like innocence in its rhythm. This track stands as an excellent example of a horror song and is frequently featured on TikTok.

Max Mathews – Daisy Bell

Max Mathews’ ‘Daisy Bell’ stands as one of the creepiest songs in existence, with numerous gruesome stories associated with it. This composition also made its mark in the film ‘Space Odyssey,’ where it was sung by the robot Hal 9000. The song’s haunting melody and the juxtaposition of innocence and horror within its lyrics contribute to its unsettling reputation. ‘Daisy Bell’ continues to captivate audiences with its ability to evoke a sense of unease and curiosity, showcasing the enduring impact of music in the realm of horror and storytelling.

Amityville Horror – Scary Halloween

More than just a song, ‘Amityville Horror’ is a sound effect. This tune was frequently used in horror movies about two decades ago. It’s a timeless effect, and you should be aware of it if you intend to use it in your video.

Caravan Palace – Aftermath

Caravan Palace’s song ‘Aftermath’ is one of the most intriguing pieces of horror music. It’s imbued with a sense of joy, and the female voice at 0:48 evokes a soothing feeling. While this song may not be pure horror, it possesses subtle dark elements that complement dark-themed videos exceptionally well. The violin playing around the 1:50 mark seamlessly blends with the atmosphere. Somehow, this song reminds me of the people who perished on the Titanic and how they might have danced aboard the ship before the tragedy. The outro of the song, marked by a beautiful chime, is thoughtfully expressed by the artist.

Lorn – Acid Rain

Lorn’s ‘Acid Rain’ stands out as one of the loneliest songs, painting a gloomy picture in the hearts of its listeners. Among the many dark songs, this one finds its place thanks to the unique emotions it conveys. It brings to mind the feelings of emptiness experienced during a pandemic, the profound silence after a war, and the solitary journey endured throughout one’s lifetime. While it is brimming with nostalgia, ‘Acid Rain’ contains the least amount of horror elements. Nonetheless, it seamlessly complements a video with a dark theme.

Siren Head Sound

The song is named ‘original siren head sound’ on YouTube. Although short, it’s like a sound effect and one of the scariest tracks for horror music. I first listened to this sound on Spotify, and now it’s available on YouTube under a different name. This sound also sends a creepy chill down the spine and conjures images of extraterrestrials in our minds. Most of the videos on YouTube feature a tall alien with long arms.

Tiny Tim – Tip Toe Through the Tulips with me

This song is similar to Toby Fox’s ‘Fallen Down’ but sounds darker. ‘Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me’ has a clown-like vibe and evokes a creepy sensation filled with haunting melodies. It’s also one of the unique songs loved by the audience. Apart from that, the artist may not have intended to create a creepy vibe in the song, but many users later discovered that this voice suits horror scenes very well. It feels like the scene when the song plays in the background when a murderer is chasing you, always giving the feeling that someone is watching and stalking you.

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