Nuages – Closer

This is it—an anthem of nostalgia. It evokes memories of peace and nothing more. The song embodies silence, and its melody resembles a midnight lullaby. ‘Nuages – Closer’ is a modern masterpiece. I believe its popularity soared thanks to the YouTube audience in search of the most tranquil music.

As I reflect on the comments I once made about ‘Nuages – Closer,’ I realize how it beautifully narrated a chapter of my life. I vividly recall a note where I penned down the profound emotions I experienced when I was infatuated with someone to the point that their existence nearly eclipsed my own.

This song, now a decade old, serves as a poignant reminder of my youthful love. The note eloquently described her as a timeless beauty whose radiance forever lit up my soul, and I confessed to repeatedly falling under the spell of her captivating eyes. ‘Closer’ by Nuages encapsulates precisely the emotions I felt.

This song is dreamy, filled with moments that make me fall in love again. The intro music is something I’ve missed in much of the music I’ve encountered over the decades. For years, I searched for this fulfilling feeling.

The song motivates me and inspires me to pursue the things I’ve always wanted in life. It’s so relaxing and soothing that I forget about the moments that used to hurt me. The entire song consists of the lyrics ‘Closer to you,’ and there is nothing more to it. It’s the repetition in this tune that makes the song unique, and yet it has such a soothing melody that you can’t help but be drawn in.

Delving even deeper into its essence, the song ‘Closer’ reveals the immense dedication of the artist. One can only imagine the toil and sacrifices made to craft such a mesmerizing and otherworldly piece of music. This song transcends the ordinary; it stands as a masterpiece akin to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Few artists can approach the creation of such an enchanting symphony.

This post is also a tribute to the creator of ‘Nuages – Closer.’

Listener’s viewpoint regarding ‘Nuages – Closer’

Over the past decade, this song has amassed an impressive 42 million views on YouTube, a remarkable achievement for an independent artist. It’s not surprising, given that most users have expressed how profoundly nostalgic the song feels upon repeated listening. For many, it evokes a deep emotional connection, with some even describing a sense of catharsis as they shed tears while immersed in its melodies. I, too, have experienced such moments in the past when I listened to ‘Nuages – Closer.’

While some listeners find themselves reminiscing about their loved ones, others have shared how it transports them back to their childhood. Undoubtedly, this song stands as one of the most potent creations in the realm of music. It’s a testament to its ability to capture the intricate tapestry of human emotions, weaving together threads of sadness, compassion, fear, and cherished memories.

Moreover, there are users who attest to the soothing quality of this song, and their experience rings true. This musical piece strives to articulate the unspoken and unseen, endearing it to those fortunate enough to have heard it.

Songs similar to ‘Nuages-Closer’

Another beautiful song by Nuages is ‘Distant.’ It begins to weave its magic right after the 2:37 mark. There’s only one song that I feel is similar to ‘Nuages – Closer,’ and that’s ‘Albaikan – Mars.’

I always say this: when art is beautiful, there is nothing else like it. It exists solely as a unique creation on the Earth’s surface.

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