Why Tbilisi Play is the Best Place to Discover Music

Discover the soulful sounds of Tbilisi

The initial encounter with this music playlist left me awestruck. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Growing up in the 80s, the music industry was dominated by metal and hard rock artists, which were good but lacked a certain soulfulness. In contrast, the music presented by Tbilisi Play is a far cry from rock; it has a captivating soulfulness. Tbilisi Play’s music is not only soothing but also highly relaxing to listen to.

Tbilisi Play: Where the Best Music and Memories Are Made

If we look at Tbilisi Play’s playlist, we can see a compilation of various unique artists, each with their own one-of-a-kind sound. Music is something I have never heard before — it completely changes the paradigm of music.

Here’s a list of artists whose music creates unforgettable memories.

Enza & JAVAD – Backstage (Original Mix)

Jambeats – Golden Age (Original Mix)

Imran – Let Me Out (Original Mix)

Music that I could never forget. These artists are for the next generation.

Why Tbilisi Play is the Best Place to Discover Music

If you are new to deep house music, there are numerous places where you can easily become overwhelmed. Many channels may feature one good track, but the rest could be mere fillers aimed at generating views. What I have come to realize is that Tbilisi Play knows how to curate its song selection, guiding you to stay in tune with the latest trends in deep house music. While there are indeed many other channels that focus on different genres, their song curation might not be as discerning. I could be mistaken, but Tbilisi Play seems to have excelled at promoting hidden gem artists like Jay Aliyev, Roudeep, and Cavid Askerov, helping them gain more recognition and fame.

Tbilisi Play’s Best Music: The Perfect Soundtrack for Your Travel

Traveling can be exhausting, but listening to music is a great way to relax and unwind during your journey. If you need an ideal travel playlist, Tbilisi Play music could be the perfect companion for you. The playlist is expertly curated to provide a soothing mix of music to help you unwind and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Top ‘TBILISI PLAY’ Music Playlists You Need to Hear:

  • Cut Off – Escuro (Original Mix)
  • Jay Aliyev – Just a Fool
  • Bibi – Sola (Robert Cristian Remix)
  • Cavid Askerov – Like you
  • Jay Aliyev – Together
  • Jabarov – Cosmic Love
  • Mahmut Orhan – Game of Thrones
  • CruZ – Where is She
  • Jabarov – Illusion
  • Emre KYL – Bad Day (Original Mix)
  • Dj Goja – Cause I’m Crazy

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