The Track of Suspense

Every time you swipe through your TikTok videos, you may have encountered suspenseful music, and you’ve been wanting to know its name. It has become a trend on TikTok for users to use music without revealing its name. After spending about two years digging through TikTok music (or so it felt), you’ve finally uncovered the mysterious music you were after: it turns out, it’s “I Got 5 On It.” The catchy part? They’ve basically slowed down the original!

Now, here’s the interesting part: the music from “I Got 5 On It” isn’t new. While Generation Z might believe they’ve uncovered a hidden gem, the same background music was used in “Puff Daddy – Satisfy You.” If we delve deeper, the background instrumental track in “Satisfy You” is actually a sample from the original song ‘Why You Treat Me So Bad.

Now, if you slow down ‘Club Nouveau – Why You Treat Me So Bad,’ you’ll notice that the music was used in P. Diddy’s ‘Satisfy You,’ which was then further sampled in ‘I Got 5 On It.’ This illustrates the evolution of the music. Nobody would have thought that a song from Club Nouveau’s 1987 single could resurface in this way.

Dark Element on ‘I Got 5 on It’ (Slowed and Reverb)

The music in this song is characterized by suspense and a dark element, creating the feeling that something significant is about to happen, yet remaining mysterious. It gives the sense that something eerie is lurking. What I’ve come to realize is that even the creator of this music may not fully grasp the depth of this song, yet its dark and suspenseful theme makes it undeniably captivating.

TikTok users adopt this song as their primary theme when sharing eerie news or crafting narratives about the mysterious and otherworldly. It’s even the go-to choice of music for accompanying content about extraterrestrial discoveries.

Exploring the Song’s Discovery and User Responses

So, we tried to search for this exact song and encountered the title ‘Luniz – I Got 5 On It.’ The keyword used to find the song was ‘I got 5 In It Tiktok.’ Looking at user responses, most of the listeners have enjoyed the song, and there are simple but catchy comments on YouTube, such as ‘You know it’s a good song when the remix gets a remix.

Most of the users who search for this song use the phrase ‘haunting music’ because the song undoubtedly features sinister background music. It also appears that many people have discovered this sound in the movie ‘Us,’ a 2019 American psychological horror film that complements the track perfectly.

Those who are music enthusiasts know that this song was featured in rap music a decade ago. The creator of this movie definitely knew that the song had a dark element, so they incorporated it into a horror scene. This song serves as an example of how good music can elevate art to the next level and make it timeless.

Suspenseful Tracks Similar to ‘I Got 5 on It’

  • Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
  • Harry Gregson – Taxi
  • Danny Lux – Main Titles
  • MGMT – Little Dark Age
  • Instupendo – Six Forty-Seven

It’s crucial to understand that there’s only one gem, and it’s an undeniable truth that no two songs can ever be identical. When people watch awe-inspiring movies, they often wonder if any others offer a similar experience to the one they’ve just enjoyed. While certain elements may overlap, each movie remains distinct as a whole. In a similar vein, this music is also exceptional, bearing a unique vibe and elements that set it apart from any other.

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