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Jay Aliyev was born in Azerbaijan, in the year 1993, according to our sources. Music has always been his greatest passion, leading him to join production classes at the remarkably young age of 16. Jay Aliyev’s musical journey also encompassed a deep fondness for rock music, which saw him thriving as a DJ producer.

Following his experience as a DJ producer, Jay ventured to Turkey to pursue higher education. Initially, he explored his talents as a vocalist but eventually delved into the realm of electronic music. What sets Jay Aliyev apart, in my opinion, is his ability to craft exceptionally unique and soul-stirring pieces of music.

In 2018, Jay Aliyev released his debut track titled ‘Remember,’ marking the beginning of his musical legacy. Presently, he stands as the proud owner of Baijan Records, a testament to his dedication and achievements in the music industry.

The discography of Jay Aliyev includes these albums:

1. Special Mix for Baijan Records Episode 003. 

2. Deep $ More 001

3. Special Mix for Baijan Records Episode 002

4. Special Mix for Baijan Records Episode 001

5. Off Red Boys

Jay Aliyev is mostly famous for his singles. Here is a list of his singles.

– Everyday

– Cause you stuck

– Move on

– Sun

– Miss you

– Good for me

– Together

– I can high

– Full of love

– Agdash

– I believe it

– Cry

– Dream of you

– Maybe That’s a Lie

– Donme Geri

– Show you

– Cosmos

– In Love

– Replace

– No More Tears

– Hold Me, Kiss Me

– You Can’t

– Marry Me

– Just a Fool

– No More Tears

– Diamonds

– Never

– Son Durak

– Frozen

– Moon and sun

– Everything you need

– Falling Down

– To Life

– Alone

– Don’t leave me

– Get my love

– Diva

– Beautiful

– Blame Me

– Feel Something

– Forbidden love

– Lola

– Sleep

– Won’t Give up

– I am Catastrophe

– Haunted

– Time

– Love Drunk

– Together

– Losing self

– Istanbul

– Vibe

– Sun

– You

– Where we started

– Ethereal Embrace

– Sad But Happy

– Baby

– Nostalgiya

– You

– One More Time

– I am Sorry

Here’s the list of Jay Aliyev’s EPs.

1. Porque

This EP contains three songs: ‘Porque,’ ‘Beynimin Icindekiler,’ and ‘He’s Coming to Get You.’

2. Best of 2018

This EP includes the songs ‘Hicaz,’ ‘Drug,’ and ‘I See You.’

3. You Burn Me

This EP includes the songs ‘You Burn Me,’ ‘Bonsai,’ and ‘Shanti.’

4. 18

This EP includes the songs ‘Sometimes,’ ‘You Can’t,’ ‘Take Me On,’ ‘Sad Dance,’ ‘All Night,’ and ‘Take Me On (Rafo Remix).’

5. Just a Fool

6. Autumn

This Ep includes two songs, ‘Stay With Me’ and ’Too Many’. 

7. a.y.o

This EP includes the songs ‘a.y.o,’ ‘Runaway,’ and ‘Taste U on my lips.’

8. Deep & More

This EP includes the songs ‘Deep & More,’ ‘Empty Spaces,’ ‘Driver,’ ‘Sen,’ and ‘Favorite Color.’

9. Slowed Mix of Selected Tracks

His other EP, Cosmos, released in 2019, includes a mix with an artist named Roudeep.

Personal Opinion on Jay Aliyev

Every song by Jay Aliyev hits deep, carrying a compelling story within its melodies. His unique signature sound sets him apart from other artists, making his music truly exceptional and incomparable. Life feels grand, and his music amplifies that sense of grandeur. I’m not exaggerating when I say that some of his tracks take me beyond this world, as if they were tailor-made for me by the divine. This sentiment is deeply personal, but it’s how I feel when I listen to his tracks.

At this very moment, I’m enjoying his track ‘Beynimin İçindəkilər’ from his EP ‘Porque,’ released in 2019. One user even commented, “All your music is filled with sweetness for the soul, and the images are a hymn to the beauty of women. The eyes are the reflection of their heart.” I wholeheartedly agree with this observation. Jay Aliyev’s music is truly one of a kind, a masterpiece in its own right.

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