Ek Villain ‘Banjaara’: A Song of First Love, Guilt, and TikTok

Once again, I want to emphasize that this song revolves around the concept of first love, yet the protagonist has not effectively expressed their emotions. “Banjaara” is an Indian song that has emerged as a strong contender among many other popular tracks on TikTok, and it has achieved great success. With its evergreen Indian sentiment, the song evokes a mixed feelings of love and guilt. Upon closer listening, it conveys a sense of hurt and heartbreak.

The song is from the movie Ek Villain. The ‘slowed and reverb’ version of the song sounds even more poignant. In the music video, we can see the actor attempting to convey his suppressed emotions, but there is something missing within his heart. Could it be love at first sight? Could it be that he is finally falling in love? There is also a sense of finding my home, and that home is her heart.

One user commented that the vibe of this song is different when you listen to it at 3 a.m. My favorite version is the slowed and reverb version. This type of song is all about setting the mood when you are walking or sleeping alone at night when the lights are off, and you dream about your life. The TikTok representation of this music is epic and captures exactly the emotions you want to feel.

You can find songs like “Banjaara” on YouTube. Here’s a list of songs:

  • Bol Do Na Zara (Slowed and Reverb)
  • Kuch is Tarah (Slowed + Reverb)
  • CRASPORE – Flashbacks (Slowed & Reverb & Bass Boosted). A little different, but I would recommend this song to everyone who is getting into TikTok videos.

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Awan K S
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