How I Feel After Listening to The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ Music Video

My Experience with The Weeknd's 'After Hours' Music Video

I always wanted to write this. The motto is, ‘The things you are attracted to are yours.’ Society has made you feel that life-changing things are not yours, but the song ‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd has ignited a deep fire within me. Depression is a drug that gives you goosebumps of failure, but your success is a light for the world. This song, ‘After Hours,’ exudes confidence. What does your world look like? What does your world feel like when you are on the go, like the quote in ‘Scarface,’ ‘The World Is Yours’?

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, the artist known as The Weeknd, has captured the essence of Nietzsche’s concept of the ‘Ubermensch’ in his work. The music video for ‘After Hours’ is a testament to the modern world’s style and sophistication. This expression transcends the boundaries of the human mind. What I aim to convey is that the music video is just as remarkable as the song itself, showcasing the artist’s brilliance and evoking a sense of success that makes you feel like the hero of your own world.

The mood, the rhythm, the sound, the expression—everything is at its epitome. The moment at 2:12 in the music video stands as one of the greatest sensations in music history. The music conveys confidence and the persona of a solitary man on a journey to discover the meaning of truth through the expression of romantic words and songs. Songs are all that we believe in.

This image was taken from the ‘After Hours’ music video.

The reptilian eyes at 3:50 are a symbol. The music video of The Weeknd attempts to illustrate what real enjoyment, a genuine life, and the potential for a person’s transformation—embracing both their madness and sole authorship of life—truly feels like. It’s a portrayal of a fulfilling sensation. I’m completely in love with the classy vibe, the red coat, the expensive car, and the attire; it’s one of the best things I have seen in a music video.

Visual Context in The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’

A man wearing a red coat walks alone in the night, surrounded by modern streetlights. The scene then shifts to a man driving alone in a car. The man’s walk gives the impression that he has just committed a murder. The theme of the video is centered around the color red, but it aims to showcase the beauty within pain.

Next, there is a scene featuring a man gambling in a casino. The character’s state of mind in the video is euphoric. He dances and writhes in pleasure, then the imagery takes a painful turn with his eyes closed. He eventually runs, but an overall sense of enjoyment prevails.

Throughout the video, the man experiences all these events alone. As the video progresses, it delves into madness, portraying the chaos of the inner self, yet it concludes with a smile.

The Impression Upon Seeing the Music Video.

The singer, The Weeknd, gives off a vibe reminiscent of Tyler Durden from Fight Club. When everything seems lost, you can become something you never realized. The scene at 1:24 is what I’d call a stylish moment.

The music at 2:12 captures a truly fulfilling moment. I recall a quote from a while back: ‘What would you do if you knew you would not fail?’ This song perfectly embodies that exact feeling.

As I close my eyes and immerse myself in the song, the beat starts off well and progressively gets even better as the emotions wash over me. The continuous flow of the background music is simply delightful, and it’s even more enjoyable with a smile. However, the pinnacle arrives at 1:46; it’s fantastic, and the beat drop is simply electrifying. Yet, I can’t help but stress that the music video is the missing piece that truly completes the experience.

In conclusion, The Weeknd’s music, characterized by its dark themes, has the power to rekindle old memories for some listeners. It’s worth noting that the same song can elicit diverse emotions and vibes in different individuals. This illustrates the unique and personal impact music can have on people, as they revisit their past through its melodies.

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