Soulchef Write This Down A Track for Gangsta Rap

This song gives off a gangsta vibe. ‘Write This Down’ is a famous TikTok background sound used by many artists to add a stylish effect to their videos. I first heard this track as a background song in Biggie Smalls’ ‘Dead Wrong.’ It stayed in my mind, but somehow, I had forgotten how beautiful this song was. Then, one day, all of a sudden, this track played in a TikTok video, and I instantly fell in love with it.

People often wonder how the Biggie song featuring the ‘Write This Down’ background track gained such immense popularity on YouTube. Despite being uploaded in 2018, the song became a massive hit. The answer lies in the sheer awesomeness of the beat and the unparalleled gangsta vibe it emanates. The instrumental of ‘Write This Down’ surpasses the majority of hip-hop and rap beats in its sheer quality and appeal.

By a stroke of luck, a YouTuber stumbled upon this gem and featured it in a Biggie track. Looking back, the ‘Mizgf.C’ channel has amassed a remarkable 120 million views for this incredible song. It’s a testament to the power of great art, which transcends the artist’s fame. The beat of ‘Write This Down’ captures the true essence of rap, serving as a prime example of an authentic gangsta track.

There is only one song that comes to mind when I listen to ‘Write This Down,’ and that is ‘Dance With The Devil’ by Immortal Technique. There are very few songs that can match the level of intensity found in these tracks. The mood and confidence generated by this song are unparalleled.

The Meaning of the Original Song ‘Soulchef- Write This Down.’

The song’s hook describes that the person singing doesn’t want to jot down his thoughts; instead, he wants to voice them immediately. He senses the power of his emotions at this very moment and intends to use a microphone to convey himself. It’s almost as if he’s afraid of letting go of this sensation, so he’s eager to share it quickly. The words carry a rhythm, akin to a song, underscoring the person’s desire to express his feelings openly and without delay.

In verse 1, the singer talks about growing older and no longer being a young pro. He’s confident and not letting anyone younger belittle him. He doesn’t want to waste time arguing and leaves a message for that person. He warns against creating unnecessary drama. The speaker is sure of his skills and promises to bring new ideas. He also talks about his creative energy being like a powerful drug. There’s a sense of self-discovery and optimism about the future. The person knows he’s strong and can handle challenges. Overall, the words talk about getting older, being confident, and expressing oneself through art.

In verse 2, the singer talks about being attracted to someone who might not be good for him. He describes how this person’s actions are captivating and tempting, even though they might be harmful. The singer feels conflicted as he tries to distance himself but finds it hard to let go completely. He also expresses frustration because his efforts to impress this person didn’t work out. The lyrics show that love can be confusing and sometimes even hurtful. The singer imagines romantic gestures but doubts whether they’ll ever happen. He mentions feeling manipulated and rejected by this person as if under a spell. Overall, the lyrics explore feelings of attraction, doubt, and mixed emotions in relationships.

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