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The song ‘Nocta- Where Are You’ gives off a classy vibe. I’m writing this with all my heart, and I don’t care that I’m listening to it at the moment. I feel like a gangster, wearing a coat and holding a cigar in my left hand. This song has become the talk of the town these days, and I know it’s all because of TikTok. However, I’m grateful to TikTok for helping me discover this song.

The Vibe in the Music

The original soundtrack of the music is also known as ‘Otnicka – Where are you.’ The vibe in the music is superior to that of any other tracks from this era. Particularly, the song is a featured track from ‘Peaky Blinders.’ The lyrics go, ‘You are my reminder, play it like a fighter,’ carrying all the attitude of the protagonist, Tommy Shelby. This song strikes your heart directly, cultivating a sense of culture within your mind and effecting a transformation of your persona. The music unfurls the story of your life, with a subtle infusion of the gangster vibe.

Now, what’s even more significant about the song ‘Otnicka – Where are you’ is that it strips away the lyrics and exclusively plays the instrumental part, featuring the Peaky Blinders theme. Even those who haven’t watched Peaky Blinders can perceive the music as sophisticated and brimming with style. One can envision themselves as a millionaire, wearing a suit, puffing on a cigar, strolling down the streets, or cruising in a car while the music plays in the background. ‘Nocta – Where Are You’ is a quintessential modern-era composition. Thanks to this instrumental rendition, many listeners find themselves associating as the main actors in their own lives.

List of Tracks

I have compiled a list of the same song but with different titles on YouTube.

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Peaky Blinders Slowed
  • Gustavo Santaolalla – Babel (Otnicka Remix)
  • Otnicka – Where Are You | PEAKY BLINDERS
  • Otnicka – Peaky Blinder 

Apart from that, Otnika-Where are you is one of the mesmerizing tracks. The Slowed plus reverb version sounds even better, in my honest opinion. Get closer to your dreams.

What is the meaning of ‘Peaky Blinder’ in the theme song?

The term “Peaky Blinder” is believed to have originated from various sources, with differing theories adding to its complexity. According to one perspective by Birmingham historian Carl Chinn, it might refer to the gang’s refined fashion sense, where “peaky” denoted any flat cap with a peak. This interpretation contrasts with the gang’s notorious image, suggesting a blend of elegance and violence.

Additionally, the term “Blinder,” a familiar Birmingham slang still in use today, contributes to the understanding of something or someone of dapper appearance. Another explanation ties the term to the gang’s criminal tactics: they would approach victims from behind and pull down the hat peak over their faces, preventing accurate descriptions during robberies. Consequently, the term “Peaky Blinder” encapsulates a multi-layered connotation that intertwines fashion, slang, criminal ingenuity, and historical context.

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